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The Solas Awards and BestTravelWriting.com were created by Travelers’ Tales, a division of Solas House, Inc., the award-winning publisher of travel literature in Palo Alto, California. We began our publishing odyssey in 1993 with Travelers’ Tales Thailand and quickly moved on to a wide range of thematic books including women’s titles, spirituality, food, humor, adventure, advice, single-author full-length narratives, and classics. In 2004 we published our first collection of Best Travel Writing and in 2005 added The Best Women’s Travel Writing. We publish both lines annually. In 2006 we launched the Solas Awards and BestTravelWriting.com to honor fine writing from the great travel storytellers of our time.Travelers’ Tales was founded by James and Tim O’Reilly and Larry Habegger in 1993. Learn more about Travelers’ Tales at TravelersTales.com.

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