Win Cash and Publication

Winners of the Grand Prize for Best Travel Story of the Year in Gold, Silver, and Bronze will win cash and publication on and Winners in the categories will win publication on both web sites, and all winners will be considered for publication in our book series, The Best Travel Writing.

Rules: All entries for the award must be true stories. These pieces may have been previously published or not, but the writer must control all rights to the story. Stories may not violate anyone else’s copyright. Stories must be a minimum of 750 words or a maximum of 5,500 words. We recommend, however, shorter pieces in the 1000-3000 word range. To be eligible for the award, all entries and payments must be received by the deadline and must be submitted through this web site. This paragraph represents just a partial description of the rules. Be sure to read the Official Rules before entering the competition.

Entry fees: $35 for the first two optional categories, $5 for each additional category for the same story. All stories are automatically submitted for the Grand Prize at no additional charge (thus, when you choose your two “optional categories” you will be entered in three, your two choices and the Grand Prize category). If we choose to publish a story in one of our books, we will pay our usual honorarium of $100 for non-exclusive world rights (that means you can sell it again whenever and wherever you want). To see a description of each category please use the drop down menu on the left side of this page.

Submit your story for the Solas Awards here. All stories receive equal consideration from the judges, the editors of Travelers’ Tales. Your confirmation of fee paid will constitute the sole notification that your entry was received, and we will contact you if you are a winner.

Deadline: The Solas Awards is an annual competition, so you can submit year-round. Winners of the Eighteenth Annual Competition were announced on our web site on March 1, 2024. The current competition runs from September 22, 2023 to September 21, 2024.

Should you wish to submit a story for one of our books without competing for an award, please go to our story submission site ( and follow the instructions. Your work will be given the same careful consideration we give all stories for inclusion in upcoming anthologies.

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