Third Annual Solas Awards Honorable Mention

These stories deserve special mention. They didn’t win awards, but they came very close and are great reads.

Our Engagement or Yours by Aralola Akinmade
Racing on Thin Ice by Aralola Akinmade
The Longest Flight by Jennifer Baljko
The Witch Doctor of Catemaco by Tracy L. Barnett
Las Pozas Fantasy and Ruin in the Jungles of Central Mexico by D.R. Bartlette
Terrorists from the Cactus by Bruce Berger
Women Bonding Moroccan Style by Diane Caldwell
Shanghai Surprise: Discovering Shanghai’s Jewish History by Nicole Clausing
I’ll Take the Bus, Thank You Allah! by Dodie Cross
Missing in Patagonia by Camille Cusumano
Green Tea by Peter Delevett
Chau Doc by James Michael Dorsey
Jungle Karma by James Michael Dorsey
The Hobos from Bubblegum Alley by Kat Duffy
Geisha Gone by Andrea Eldridge
Out-Swimming Piranhas by Carole Firstman
Butterflies by Bus by Carol Hamilton
The Beach at Waikiki by Dana Hill
Shop Till You Drop by Ginny Horton
Beetles, Caterpillars, and Mice Oh My by Laura Lee Huttenbach
The Butt of All Jokes in Kampala by Laura Lee Huttenbach
Doorway to My Heritage by Margaret Johnston
The Paragon by Ayoung M. Kim
The Czech Republic’s Other Drink by Tim Leffel
The Ganges by Jamie Marcus
My Dad Calls It Wanderlust by Brandon Miller
Ex Voto by Rebecca G. Morris
Lost, My Way by Barbara Robertson
Confessions of a Klepto-Tourist by Jeffrey Tanenhaus
The Boy from Kill the Cat by Shane Townsend
Into a Still Country by Janis Turk
Dancing Lessons from God by Ginna Vogt
Culture of Conquest by Victor Walsh
Treasure of the Sierra Madre by Victor Walsh
Zacatecas, Mexico’s Fabled City of Stone by Victor Walsh
Italy by Allison Weiss
The Sassi di Matera and the Question of Poverty by Doreen Wood
Googling David by Bill Zarchy

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